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How to do it

RecordingPosted by Bleecker Wed, June 09, 2010 23:33:06

It’s a tricky thing to produce music, especially when you don’t have the same possibilities as a “real” studio where rooms are separated so the artists can be isolated sound-wise. We have to be creative to be able to reach the level of quality that is needed.

Our biggest problem by far is the drums. So far we’ve been playing along with Ando when he’s doing serious takes. Because of that we tend to accept takes that maybe should be re-recorded – you can’t listen carefully enough to his performance when you at the same time is playing the song. So we will from now on try a different approach.

First step is to do a quick recording of the song. Then you put down the drums with MIDI, to create a good clicktrack with the right feeling. Third step is to re-record quick versions of the rest of the instruments along with the vocals. And then, finally, you start to record the real drums on top the MIDI-version. By doing this the rest of us can concentrate on what’s important… the drums.

Is this the solution?

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