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Song writing...

MiscPosted by Tob Thu, June 23, 2011 11:44:26
...is a strange thing. Some songs write themselves and others refuse to reveal their true nature, no matter how hard you try to find them.

For me it is not unusual to write one or two songs based on the leftovers from what was supposed to be a third, never finished, song. This is the reason why some songs might seem thematicly (let's pretend that is a word - and spelled that way) alike.

The songs that write themselves are a bit like dreams and much like dreams they do not always make that much sense at first glance. In some ways they are more honest than the ones you work really hard with.

This one is written, consciously, to make sense...

Wait, and it will come
You can't loose all the time
It will change
Somewhere down the line
Your numbers coming up
Sooner or later

It can't rain all the time...

And this is an example of the opposite...

Wash then rinse and repeat
Less of a sting and more of a heat
Raise my head up at the sky
Oh God why

Put my feet down on the ground
I'll kick this stone all over town
I'm not an immortal soul - I'm getting old

(From 'Old habits die hard', or what ever it is called)

Glad midsommar!


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