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RecordingPosted by Tob Mon, June 20, 2011 12:01:28
Long time no... nothing! But that is not true...

We're working on a song called something like "Old habits die hard". Might not be the final title but it is the words to the hook in the chorus so we call it that, as for now.

I mention this song because I feel it better than many other songs describe the centre of what we are. The essence of what I am anyways. In a band there is always different wills and preferences to handle. In this case I am pleased with the way a quite simple song is kept simple and allowed to be just that. I feel the song is more defined by what we do not play in it than by what is acually played on it.

I feel that our recordings the last year span over many different sounds. We are very acoustic at times, quite primal "all in" in some songs and more slick and produced in some songs. I'm not sure if this is a problem or something good but it is quite evidently so. I'm a bit torn between the concept of making an album that has a theme and where the songs feels as part of the same unity. But on the other hand I want the album to be the best 12-15 songs we have recorded no matter what.

In my mind we need to get closer to a final version of 5-6 songs to determine if we have a problem or if the range is a good thing.


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