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So many guitars

RecordingPosted by Thisen Sun, June 06, 2010 11:33:53

Tob, Macke and myself got together yesterday for an intense recording-session. We started out about three in the afternoon, and signed of almost ten hours later. Besides a short break for some intake of meat and beer, we managed to keep some serious speed in the production.

Our top-priority was a song called “Wallbanger” – a piano-based up-tempo ballad with a high-energy ending. Lots of guitars were added yesterday, and as to my best recollection they all did some good to the song. The problem when you’re working long hours as yesterday, you get to a point when your ears cannot be trusted anymore. They get tired of the music, and you start to accept a lot of takes that you maybe would have rejected earlier in the session. The question is how those guitars sound today. We’ll see in a couple of hours.

We also have gathered some new equipment for the studio, which we tested for the first time yesterday. I’ll get back to what I’m talking about in a later post, but the overall feeling right now is that we actually can produce seriously good-sounding music by ourselves. I can say that we earlier had our doubts about that.

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