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RecordingPosted by Thisen Wed, June 02, 2010 20:12:45

Today’s mission in the studio - Warehouse as it is called - is to do a proper setup of the monitor-system. The pretty annoying shortage of a feel-good sound when we’re recording must end and we think we found a good solution for it. We’ll see later tonight if that assumption is correct.

The main goal right now is pick up some good speed to the work. We’ve never been that good to keep focused for a long time. Or more accurate – we always tend to find something else than the most important stuff to do. Sometimes you just have to turn up the volume to a way-to-loud setting and rock out. It’s probably something in our blood.

On the other hand we got almost all the time in the world… as long as the result turns out good, there’s no reason to hurry too much.

By the way… we passed 34000 friends on our MySpace today. That’s pretty wicked.

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