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Friends of the family...

MiscPosted by Tob Tue, September 20, 2011 00:29:51
Please check out our friend MaryJet!

Look, listen and go nuts!


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MiscPosted by Ando Tue, July 26, 2011 15:53:12
Some songs are now available on Facebook... Visit our Facebook page and click on the "Bandpage" icon below the profile picture... Enjoy!!!


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Song writing...

MiscPosted by Tob Thu, June 23, 2011 11:44:26
...is a strange thing. Some songs write themselves and others refuse to reveal their true nature, no matter how hard you try to find them.

For me it is not unusual to write one or two songs based on the leftovers from what was supposed to be a third, never finished, song. This is the reason why some songs might seem thematicly (let's pretend that is a word - and spelled that way) alike.

The songs that write themselves are a bit like dreams and much like dreams they do not always make that much sense at first glance. In some ways they are more honest than the ones you work really hard with.

This one is written, consciously, to make sense...

Wait, and it will come
You can't loose all the time
It will change
Somewhere down the line
Your numbers coming up
Sooner or later

It can't rain all the time...

And this is an example of the opposite...

Wash then rinse and repeat
Less of a sting and more of a heat
Raise my head up at the sky
Oh God why

Put my feet down on the ground
I'll kick this stone all over town
I'm not an immortal soul - I'm getting old

(From 'Old habits die hard', or what ever it is called)

Glad midsommar!


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Bridge ahead!

MiscPosted by Tob Wed, January 19, 2011 15:20:36

Today we celebrate that we have survived the worst part of the winter. Light is slowly returning and with the light comes the will to live and play…

For a plant like me that is good news!


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On time...

MiscPosted by Tob Fri, December 03, 2010 10:39:40
Them Apples arrived on time. Complete with the predicted faults and all!

We're sorry and glad at the same time. As usual.

Next up: recordings this weekend. Drums for 'Quick fix', 'The Point', 'Nothing New' and if we're really lucky and Ando finds the flow 'Stuck with yourself'. That's the plan. May the theory be applicable in reality.



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Why not?

MiscPosted by Tob Thu, November 25, 2010 10:14:25

“Why not release an album for Christmas?”, someone asked us. “With what?” , we responded. “Well, why not make it a ‘best of’ and include your unreleased tracks from older recordings?”, they suggested.

Why not?

It’s madness, but somehow it makes sense.

So in six days we put together a little something called “Them Apples” (on the seventh day we rested). The title is naturally from the phrase “How do you like them apples?”.

We have been promised delivery of the finished product nov. 30. Fingers crossed…

One should never do something in this kind of a hurry. We will find mistakes. Some may be unforgivable, but with Christmas coming up, we had a window of opportunity and decided to be sorry rather than safe.

To spice it up, we included the new song “A few good men” which is the first track recorded in our Warehouse studio

I give you “Them Apples”. One splash of nostalgia, one pinch of regrets, plenty of yesterday’s news and a little taste of what's to come.

1. A Few Good Men

2. New Day

3. NYC

4. Talk Though I

5. Nonsense

6. Mass. Ave.

7. You Are

8. Mary

9. Bottle

10. Coin

11. Mirror

12. Edge

13. Story 4

14. Bounce

15. Strawtown

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CSI Söndrum

MiscPosted by Tob Wed, November 03, 2010 16:36:34

A broken drainpipe, biblical amounts of rain, mould spores, a band of decadent brothers…

The glass is half full.


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No sun of mine…

MiscPosted by Tob Tue, November 02, 2010 15:50:48

It’s not even four in the afternoon yet but the sun is setting…

In an hour it will be dark. With the fog rolling in from the ocean and the humidity covering everything in a coat of cold misty unpleasantness there’s only one thing to do.

Hide in a warm room and write songs. That’s what I’ll do.


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Not the greatest of luck...

MiscPosted by Tob Thu, October 28, 2010 15:36:54

...right now.

Our production speed right now is closer to STOP than SLOW. Latest in a line of unlucky events is a broken drainpipe outside a wall in our Warehouse studio.

Okej, that we'd like the recordings to have an earthy quality to them but we could really do without the mould.

Since our landlord is the nicest guy in the world but not one of the top five fastest, we have no idea when this problem will be solved.

Untill then: keep dry and warm!


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Close but no cigar...

MiscPosted by Tob Wed, September 22, 2010 13:30:06


Found an old picture from a session where we were trying to shoot something for a new poster.

This was one of the pics that did not become a poster. For good reasons. Unfortunately the one we finally chose was not that much better.

What a happy bunch!


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