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Of ships and shore...

LivePosted by Tob Tue, February 07, 2012 11:21:23

... I know nothing. But, we just played a cruise ship and that was... different...

Note to self: Never play a crusie ship at 4 in the afternoon, the day after the big party.

Highlights from the trip:

Taubes "Kinesiska muren". A masterpiece and probably the first attempt to record rap music in Sweden.

Walking through the ship with all our stuff, before it was cleaned, trying to find a place to store our gear. It was epic. Kafkaesque and a hint of Proust when the smell of the place made you think of what the #### had happend there the night before...

Trying to bring my friends back to life and up and ready for the soundcheck early in the morning. If we had been closer to shore I would have left over the rail...

Moving on.

This Friday we play B&B in Halmstad. Please do come by if you can. We will play some acoustic songs for the first time in a long time. Let's see how that works at midnight!?!

The thought is to breake the sonic structure a bit by changing pace and turning it down a notch to get some contrast between the songs.

Well, that's my time...


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Live B&B, feb 25

LivePosted by Tob Tue, March 01, 2011 21:05:52
Great crowd! Thanks!

Set list:

Nothing New
It's allright
The Point
Get On
Mass. Ave.
New Day
Stuck with yourself
Quick Fix
Ode to... noone


Strawtown (unplanned)


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Last night...

LivePosted by Tob Thu, January 27, 2011 09:44:40
...we worked through:

Quick Fix
Nothing New
Stuck with yourself
I Refuse
The Point
Get On
Ode to...
It's Allright

With NYC and Strawtown that is the short list for the BoB-set in a couple of weeks.

We should also try out:
I am
A few good men
Everyone gets roses in the end
and some more

That's all for now!


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Who'll stop the rain

LivePosted by Tob Fri, July 30, 2010 14:49:00
Man, this is a rain straight from hell. We're playing a festival this evening and we just got word the main stage has rained to pieces. They're moving what they can to a smaller stage that is less affacted by the rain and winds. Good luck, since it's biblical out there.

Let's keep our fingers crossed, they'll manage to get it up and running, and that we neither drown nor get electricuted on stage tonight. Death is not part of our stage show, yet.


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LivePosted by Bleecker Mon, July 12, 2010 00:44:43
During a whopping five hours today, we played ourselves through the songs that we intend to play on the upcoming gigs. Although that we have not played together in that way for a long time, we all agreed that we are pretty awesome. Before, we had our worries about the outcome, but of that there is nothing left. A couple more days like this, and we are all set.

There will be some surprises in the set-lists; songs that we haven’t played for a very long time. Sometimes songs just seem to disappear for a while – you get tired of them, almost forgetting them, and then – all of a sudden – they come to life again and you can’t really remember why you haven’t played them for such a long time.

By the way... we now got top notch-sounding drums! And a happy drummer…

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LivePosted by Thisen Sun, June 20, 2010 23:53:27

On my way home today, I spotted this…

It’s a good thing that they start early with the promotion. But with almost six weeks to go, the people working with the event probably are gonna have to do a lot of re-posting, cause this one will be torn down pretty quickly I think. Crudely placed on a lamppost, it won’t take long before someone who accidentally sees it like garbage takes action…

But I like the looks of the poster. I like the fact that it has a white background. Black would have been the most easy choice, but the world is full of boring black posters. Good work, who ever responsible.

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