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Songs about ghosts...

RecordingPosted by Tob Wed, February 08, 2012 09:57:37

I see Counting Crows have an event where they invite bands to submit a cover of a Counting Crows song. Being a long time fan I kind of like the thought of that. The top three contributions are awarded with some merch and included on an EP to be distributed on CC gigs and events.

So, lets do that. But which song? Any suggestions?

To me the first album is sacred so it will have to be something off the other ones.

I played with 'Goodnight Elisabeth' with a soft reggae feeling... Maybe, maybe not... And I accidentally re-wrote the chorus... may not be appreciated.

'A long December' up tempo acoustic?

And if we just can get a verse or two from 'Kinesiska Muren' in there...



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RecordingPosted by Thisen Sun, September 04, 2011 23:01:49

Let's call it a summer break. The lack of posts in this blog, that is.

This weekend has been a busy one. Two intense days in the studio have taken us a step or two towards our forthcoming album. A lot of drums, a lot of heavy bass and some other stuff have found its way into the tracks. Good... gooood!

Thanks to a most temporary coffee-machine – which by the way was everything but quiet when making us coffee – made sure that we could keep our eyes open during the entire time. Shellfish aint necessarily a good thing the night before tracking.

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RecordingPosted by Tob Mon, June 20, 2011 12:01:28
Long time no... nothing! But that is not true...

We're working on a song called something like "Old habits die hard". Might not be the final title but it is the words to the hook in the chorus so we call it that, as for now.

I mention this song because I feel it better than many other songs describe the centre of what we are. The essence of what I am anyways. In a band there is always different wills and preferences to handle. In this case I am pleased with the way a quite simple song is kept simple and allowed to be just that. I feel the song is more defined by what we do not play in it than by what is acually played on it.

I feel that our recordings the last year span over many different sounds. We are very acoustic at times, quite primal "all in" in some songs and more slick and produced in some songs. I'm not sure if this is a problem or something good but it is quite evidently so. I'm a bit torn between the concept of making an album that has a theme and where the songs feels as part of the same unity. But on the other hand I want the album to be the best 12-15 songs we have recorded no matter what.

In my mind we need to get closer to a final version of 5-6 songs to determine if we have a problem or if the range is a good thing.


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RecordingPosted by Tob Wed, January 19, 2011 15:32:19
...picture of the road from where we are and to a finished album. It's right there!

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RecordingPosted by Thisen Tue, January 04, 2011 20:57:06
During the holidays we’ve got together a couple of times in the Warehouse. Two songs got some nice acoustic guitars, a hellish rock-chomp was recorded on another. We can’t wait to let you hear the results, but as usual we are some pretty slow going fellows.

Tomorrow night Tob will enter the dungeon again. This time with his electrified guitars. Boldly I’ve set the goal high – three or maybe even four songs will be finished before midnight. Too high expectations..?

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Piano and some guitars

RecordingPosted by Tob Mon, December 20, 2010 10:15:12
Dreamt I bought a piano but had no place to put it. Found myself standing on the porch realising there was nowhere to go. Stupid dream making me feel stupid. I don't need dreams to tell me I'm stupid. Dreams should build you up. Dreams are supposed to be about selling out Wembley. Dreams are meant to set the goals we don't dare to think about while we're all awake and rational... Stupid piano.

Well, that's not why I'm here. Christmas is coming up and after the family tour it's time to lay down some guitars on the latest tracks. Marcus has already done some fine groundwork but I have yet to lay down my first takes.

On one of the songs, The Point, I have a clear thought about what kind of sound I'm after. The problem is that I've never managed to find it in my rig. Marcus is a marvel at finding various sounds but to be able to help me I have to find a way to communicate what I'm after, and that's where I'm lost. It's like describing a colour by pantomime.

So while I'm practising my pantomime y'all have a Merry Christmas, okay!

Have a good one!


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RecordingPosted by Thisen Tue, December 07, 2010 23:33:57

... a productive weekend. Two days of recording with very few problems is not a common thing in the life of Bleecker. But apparently it happens. Four songs were recorded... and I'm referring to drums and bass. That's pretty much all that can be squeezed into eighteen hours of studio time. The good thing was that we were aiming at three songs. The fourth is pure bonus. Mr. Sällström once again showed us his generosity by letting us use his wonderful microphones. A big thank you coming your way, Mike.

Tomorrow me and Macke will try to get some of all that guitars on tape. This time I'm aiming at one. Pessimistic? Me?

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The damn thing...

RecordingPosted by Tob Mon, October 04, 2010 09:34:08

...is still broken.

Piss och skit och skit och skit, as they say in the gospel.


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Broken things...

RecordingPosted by Thisen Mon, September 27, 2010 22:58:06
This Saturday we had an all-nighter. For fifteen consecutive hours we recorded some really nice-sounding tracks that eventually (and probably) will be heard on our forthcoming album. A good friend of ours supplied us with some microphones of high standard, which really improved the sound.

So now we got a new problem on our hand…

We have to figure out a way to pay our contributor so that the microphones never have to leave the Warehouse. That’s not going to happen, of course. Just wishful thinking.

The night (or early morning to be more correct) did come to a sudden end. One of the most important things in the chain of recording decided to die. I’m not talking about any member of the band, though. It was the piece of machinery that allows the sound to get into the computer that ceased to exist. Damn those digital thingies…

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Everyone gets roses in the end...

RecordingPosted by Tob Thu, September 23, 2010 16:28:46

... is the working title of the song we're about to record this weekend.

Roses have a way of working their way into lyrics. I'm not alone in this, I'm in good company, but I wonder why? I very rarely buy or get roses. It seems when it comes to flowers roses are a bit... well unimaginative. But in lyrics they pop up quite frequently. Often it is just another way of saying flowers, because that's all they are, a symbol for flowers. Other times there are religious influences or other more specific meanings.

In this song the roses are just a symbol of something that gets born, lives, dies and comes again next year, as opposed to the constant and the elusive elements of our existence.

I'll leave you with a picure of my family


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